Using a Tile grid

Using a tile grid can be a fun and inexpensive way to create your own beautiful designer custom sheeted patterns.  Follow the easy instructions below an let the fun begin!  When your done send us your pics.  We'd love to see what you created!

Step 1:  Develop your design and place tiles in the grid right side

Step 2:  Apply the ClearView mounting sheets by removing the backing from the sheet and lining the edge up with the edge tile. Sticky side down.

(This process can be made easier with 2 people  holding taut by the corners and applying all at one time)

Step 3:  Once you have the edges lined up begin rolling the adhesive across the entire sheet

Step 4:  Smooth firmly as you go.

Step 5: Rub firmly across the entire sheet to ensure that all of the tiles are firmly attached.

Step 6: Flip the entire grid over on to your worksurface. Bend the grid upwards to release the tile sheet. 

If your grid is new you may have a few tiles that don't want to release from the grid Simply roll the grid back and pop them in place.

Step 7:  You now have 1 sq. ft of perfectly sheeted tiles just like the pros.  You can cut into strips to make borders, etc.   If you have a design that needs to be lined up, number your sheets left to right, top to bottom to make installation easier.

Apply adhesive to your surface, 1 - 4 sq. ft. at a time.  Apply one sheet at a time to your surface, making sure your grout lines are lined up. Once the adhesive has cured and the tile is firmly attached (usually 24 hrs.) gently peel away the mosaic mounting sheet and your are ready to grout!

The same process can be used with the glass tile grid.  Eliminate Step 6 and just peel/lift out your sheet