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Destiny 962 - Plus Backing
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These photos just can't capture the beauty of the reflections and the depth this tile holds. Created in the tradition of the glass used in churches and cathedrals this line carries with it a smalti like quality.  Each piece is hand cut and no two pieces are the same. This tile is created by enameling metallics to the back of translucent glass giving it a watery like depth. The colors and rich and vibrant and vary from tile to tile. This series makes an excellent less expensive substitute for smalti golds.

Each piece is 3/4 x 3/4 x 1/8 inches and there are 225 pieces in a square foot. Face mounted on plastic film.

Please Note: Epoxy based thinset is recomended for all installations. Standard thinsets may re-act and remove the backing. WeldBond and Lexel are acceptable adhesives with this tile.


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