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  • micro tile, tiny tile, tiny tiles
Micromosaic Color Packs
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These color packs are great!

Desert Neutrals - All of our brown neutrals (no grays).
Princess Mix - All of our pinks and purples for a regal look!
Super Blue - All of our blues.
Super Green - All ouf our greens and teals.
Sunny Day - All of our yellows.
Citrus Mix - Lemons, Limes, Oranges, Tangerines....

3/8" X 3/8"  X 1/8" thick glazed porcelain tile.  Highly glazed, durable, easy to nip! Weather, water and freeze proof!

Approximately 450 pieces per lb.
Approximately .75 sq. ft. per one pound bag.
625 pcs. = approx. 1 sq. ft.

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