300  Mosaic Tips, Bonnie Fitzgerald
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  • 300  Mosaic Tips, Bonnie Fitzgerald
300+ Mosaic Tips
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Love this book from my dear friend and Mosaic Guru Bonnie Fitzgerald!

Packed with handy, timesaving tips and technical knowledge to improve your skills, speed up the learning process, and help you make unique mosaics with a professional finish, this wonderful, colorful book is just like having a mosaic tutor on call 24 hours a day. You’ll find easyto- follow, step-by-step techniques, superb photographs, and numerous illustrations, as well as professional quick-fixes and solutions for commonly encountered problems. Fitzgerald provides advice on what kind of tools and materials (including stained glass, pebbles, shells, and beads) to buy and how to use them, plus her thoughts on the design process—from finding ideas to planning order of work to adding eye-catching detail.

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