found art mosaic, mosaic book, susan germond
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  • found art mosaic, mosaic book, susan germond
Found Art Mosaics
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Going green can be so fun!

Found materials are taking the craft world by storm because the creative potential is tremendous. Contemporary mosaic artists who continue to expand the limits of construction and materials can benefit greatly from this movement toward reuse. Even the the beginners among us can explore the myriad possibilities of these new materials with this fabulous guide. Learn everything you need to get started in the world of found art mosaics, from materials, glass, ceramics, natural materials, grouts, surfaces, sealants, safety gear, and more.

The 27 projects here - including the Buttons & Pebbles Vase, Glittering Jewels Belt Buckle, and Recycled Bathtub Garden Planter each reuse and repurpose objects differently, as the found object may be the surface, the tesserae, or both.

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